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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'Spirituality and religion at the end of life'

Spirituality and religion at the end of life (2016)


An easy read booklet that talks about the role religion and faith may play at the end of life and other things that might help you feel spiritual. 

Cover image of 'What can help you feel better when someone dies'

What can help you feel better when someone dies (2016)


An easy read booklet about coping with grief and things that can help you. 

Cover image of 'Swollen feet and legs'

Swollen feet and legs (April 2016)

Lymphoedema Support Network

Information on skin hygiene, foot protection, and footwear for people with lymphoedema. Includes details of companies supplying specialist footwear.

Cover image of 'Skin care for people with lymphoedema'

Skin care for people with lymphoedema (May 2016)

Lymphoedema Support Network

This leaflet explains why skin care is important for people with lymphoedema and gives general advice on skin care, including the use of emollients. It also covers special problems that can occur in lymphoedema, such as dermatitis, fungal infections and lymphorrhoea.

Cover image of 'Fighting spirit. A cancer survivor’s journey'

Fighting spirit. A cancer survivor’s journey (2016)

Austin Macauley

When your enemy is clearly visible, it makes fighting them so much easier, than if they are elusive, such as cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is everybody's worst nightmare. It is automatically seen as a death sentence. It was no different for Nicolas. His first thoughts were about his mortality, but to help him through his treatment and recovery he used the skills and discipline he had learnt in martial arts. His 'Fighting Spirit' helped him deal with everything that cancer brings with it, along with his faith and support network of family and friends. Rather than focusing on the negative, Nicolas remains positive, using references from some of his favourite films to give him direction, steering him towards a healthy, cancer-free future. The 'Fighting Spirit' helps Nicolas to see his cancer as an enemy that needs to be defeated in battle. He uses his martial arts mindset to visualise and conquer his foe. There will be only one winner. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'The street-wise patient’s guide to surviving cancer'

The street-wise patient’s guide to surviving cancer (2016)

Edward Everett Root, Publishers

This book tells you how you can do everything possible to survive cancer. The author is one of the world's leading experts on cancer care. This is an insider's guide to taking control of your own life, and care. YOU can survive cancer - although many patients do not know this. It: offers short, sharp practical guidance; shows patients how to can take control of their care; is essential to patients, and their family; shows you how to get the system to work for you; it gives 100 advisory websites, with expert notes; is absolutely up-to-date. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Patient guide to brain tumour treatment and services'

Patient guide to brain tumour treatment and services (2016)

The Brain Tumour Charity

Finding out that you have a brain tumour is a frightening and overwhelming experience for anyone. You may feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down. This booklet aims to guide you through the system, answer your questions, and outlines some basic aspects of care that everyone should expect when they’re diagnosed with a brain tumour. 

Cover image of 'I am here. Stories from a cancer ward'

I am here. Stories from a cancer ward (2016)

Scribe Publications

Looking for more meaning in his work, Johannes Klabbers gave up a tenured academic position to spend his days caring for the sick and dying. He trained as a secular pastoral carer in a cancer hospital, and from the patients there he learned how simply talking and listening can provide comfort: from chatting about the football to discussing life’s meaning and how one prepares for death. I Am Here is a frank, moving, and sometimes funny record of his encounters. It gives an unforgettable insight into the variety of ways people cope with suffering, and suggests how we can support them — through caring, through conversation, and by acknowledging that although we may not be able to answer all of life’s questions, we can face them together. From one of the saddest places comes this powerful affirmation of our capacity for humane care. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Myeloma. Cancer of the immune system. Fast facts: For patients and their supporters'

Myeloma. Cancer of the immune system. Fast facts: For patients and their supporters (2016)

Health Press

This short workbook is designed to help patients equip themselves with the best information about myeloma. Starting with a simple overview of the biology of the disease, it will help patients to understand the type of myeloma that they have, the remitting-relapsing nature of the disease, and the signs and symptoms they are likely to experience. It takes patients through the initial treatment options and their side effects, what to expect if they have stem cell transplantation, and how they will be treated when their symptoms return. The final sections will help patients understand the supportive care options available, and provide an insight into the latest myeloma research, which is progressing on many fronts. (Publishers)

Cover image of 'Management of oedema in advanced ill health. Information for patients'

Management of oedema in advanced ill health. Information for patients (February 2016)

Lymphoedema Support Network

Information about oedema in advancing disease. treatment. It describes the causes, symptoms, assessment and investigations and management (skin care, exercise, limb positioning and support, compression, manual lymphatic drainage, kinesio taping and medical treatments).

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