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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'Cervical screening (smear test)'

Cervical screening (smear test) (March 2020)

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

This booklet explains what cervical screening is, who is eligible, the test itself, and what happens if the result is abnormal.

Cover image of 'Docetaxel (Taxotere)'

Docetaxel (Taxotere) (October 2020)

Breast Cancer Now

This factsheet explains briefly what Taxotere® is, when it may be prescribed, how it works, the benefits, and possible side-effects.

Cover image of 'Caring for colostomates. A practical guide for staff in nursing and residential homes and for home carers'

Caring for colostomates. A practical guide for staff in nursing and residential homes and for home carers (March 2020)

Colostomy UK

This booklet is for anyone responsible for caring for someone with a stoma. It briefly describes what a stoma is and why people have stoma surgery, then covers the practical aspects of caring for someone with a stoma. This includes everything from ordering medical supplies and disposing of waste, to diet, changing a stoma bag and recognising some of the common problems, such as sore skin. It also considers the concerns that people with stomas have and how these can impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Cover image of 'What is lymphoma?'

What is lymphoma? (March 2020)

Lymphoma Action

An overview of how cancer develops and what lymphoma is. 

Cover image of 'Diabetes and cancer treatment [in press]'

Diabetes and cancer treatment [in press] (January 2020)

Macmillan Cancer Support|Diabetes UK

This booklet is for anyone who has cancer and also has diabetes. You may also want to read it if you have been told your cancer treatment may increase your risk of developing diabetes. It explains how some tests and cancer treatments can affect your diabetes and make it difficult to control your blood sugar. It also has some tips to help you cope with the side effects of cancer treatment if you have diabetes.

Cover image of 'Understanding anal cancer'

Understanding anal cancer (April 2020)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet is about anal cancer. The anus is part of the large bowel, which includes the colon and rectum. We have separate booklets about colon cancer and rectal cancer. The booklet explains what anal cancer is, and how it is diagnosed and treated. It also talks about your feelings when you are diagnosed with cancer and has practical advice on dealing with work and finances. 

Cover image of 'Life after cancer treatment'

Life after cancer treatment (July 2020)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet is about coping after cancer treatment finishes, including managing side effects, follow-up care, and making healthy lifestyle changes. It is for people who are preparing for life after cancer treatment. 

Cover image of 'Help with health costs'

Help with health costs (August 2020)

Age UK

Most NHS services are free but there are charges for prescriptions, dental treatment, sight tests, glasses and contact lenses and wigs and fabric supports. This factsheet explains how the NHS Low Income Scheme helps people on a low income with charges and the cost of travelling to receive NHS treatment. The factsheet explains what you are entitled to if you: are aged 60 and over; receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.

Cover image of 'Cervical screening (a smear test). The facts'

Cervical screening (a smear test). The facts (March 2020)

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Credit-card leaflet with facts about cervical screening. It also describes briefly what happens during cervical screening and who is invited for screening, and has tips for coping if you are nervous or worried.

Cover image of 'Planning for your funeral'

Planning for your funeral (February 2020)

Age UK

This factsheet highlights things to consider if you want to plan ahead and make financial and other arrangements for your funeral. It looks at options when deciding what type of funeral you want, ways to pay for a funeral, and information about organ donation. It may be helpful for people arranging a funeral. 

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