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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'A guide for the end of life'

A guide for the end of life (November 2019)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet explains what happens at the end of someone’s life and how to plan for it. It is for anyone nearing the end of life. There is also information for people caring for someone nearing the end of life.

Cover image of 'Patient guide. Palliative care'

Patient guide. Palliative care (July 2018)


One in a series of eight leaflets that form the Brain Tumour Patient Guide.

Cover image of 'Who's who in your clinical team?'

Who's who in your clinical team? (July 2018)


A who's who of healthcare professionals involved in the care of someone with a brain tumour: GP; consultant neurosurgeon; consultant neurologist; consultant radiologist; neuro-oncologist; clinical psychologist; neuro-ophthalmologist; community neurological rehabilitation nurse; neuro-oncology clinical nurse specialist; epilepsy nurse; palliative care nurse; specialist allied health professional; disability co-ordinator (higher education). It describes the role of each professional and how they can help.

Cover image of 'Eat well during cancer. Helping you cope with common side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment'

Eat well during cancer. Helping you cope with common side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment (2018)

World Cancer Research Fund

This booklet is for people living with cancer and those having cancer treatment, who want to know more about how to cope with the common side-effects, but also want to follow as healthy a diet and lifestyle as possible. It is a general guide and not suitable for people who are eating very little, have lost a lot of weight unintentionally or are receiving palliative care, as they will need specialist information and advice. 

Cover image of 'Being cared for at home [Welsh]'

Being cared for at home [Welsh] (October 2018)

Marie Curie

This booklet is for people living with a terminal illness, and their family and friends. Inside you’ll find information about the care and support that’s available for you at home. 

Cover image of 'Planning ahead. An infopack for myeloma patients.'

Planning ahead. An infopack for myeloma patients. (February 2018)

Myeloma UK

This pack, produced with support from Marie Curie, covers the key questions and topics that myeloma patients may want to know more about when considering end of life. Topics include: why planning ahead can be beneficial; what to expect when myeloma treatment is no longer an option; what is likely to happen as the end of life draws near; choosing where to be looked after; and getting your affairs in order. 

Cover image of 'Secondary breast cancer information pack'

Secondary breast cancer information pack (April 2018)

Breast Cancer Care

This pack is for anyone with secondary breast cancer. It may also be useful for family, friends, or carers. It contains information that may be useful from diagnosis throughout treatment and care. The pack has four main parts. 1. The first part of the pack explains what secondary breast cancer is, looks at treatments and side effects, and has information about monitoring and coping with the physical effects of your condition. 2. The second part is called Your needs and concerns with secondary breast cancer. This looks at how to make sure your needs are met, from emotional and practical needs to concerns about relationships, work and finances, and health and wellbeing. 3. Personal organiser to help you record symptoms or side effects from treatment, which you can take with you to hospital appointments. You can also record appointment details and names and contact details of people involved in your care. 4. A small booklet called Planning ahead: choices and decisions about the end of life is for if and when you want to start thinking about these things. 

Cover image of 'Pain and myeloma'

Pain and myeloma (June 2017)

Myeloma UK

This Infoguide aims to help you understand what pain is, the different types of pain and causes of pain in myeloma patients. It provides information on the different methods of pain treatment available, and gives guidance on non-medical strategies that may help to improve your pain and make living with pain a little easier.

Cover image of 'Understanding kidney cancer'

Understanding kidney cancer (April 2017)

Kidney Cancer UK

This booklet has information about kidney cancer, including the symptoms, diagnosis, staging and grading, and the treatment options. It also briefly discusses life with kidney cancer, including feelings, day-to-day living, money, and support. Includes sources of further information and a glossary.

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