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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'NHS bowel scope screening: using the enema [Nepali]'

NHS bowel scope screening: using the enema [Nepali] (February 2018)

Public Health England

Instructions on how to use the enema before attending for bowel scope screening.

Cover image of 'Bowel scope screening. Having a colonoscopy'

Bowel scope screening. Having a colonoscopy (March 2018)

Public Health England

Information for people who have been called for a colonoscopy because polyps were found when they had bowel scope screening: What is bowel cancer?; What is a colonoscopy? What does a colonoscopy involve?; Does colonoscopy have risks?; What are the possible results of colonoscopy?; Outcomes for 100 people who have a colonoscopy after bowel scope screening; What are the symptoms of bowel cancer; What can I do lower my chances of getting bowel cancer?; Who can I contact if I have a question? 

Cover image of 'Understanding bowel cancer screening'

Understanding bowel cancer screening (August 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

Information and support for people who have had, or who are about to have, a bowel screening test. The booklet describes the bowel, bowel cancer, the faecal occult blood (FOB) test, further diagnostic tests (colonoscopy, virtual colonoscopy), and the benefits and disadvantages of bowel cancer screening.

Cover image of 'The essential guide to bowel cancer'

The essential guide to bowel cancer (2018)


Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK, affecting more than 37,000 people. However, with early diagnosis the condition can be managed effectively to allow patients to lead as normal a life as possible for as long as possible. This book will inform and help those who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer, their family and friends, and those who simply want to know more about the condition. The book will contain practical advice and information on treatment choices and how to cope on a daily basis. For healthy individuals it also gives valuable information about how you can reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer and useful tips on healthy eating and lifestyles. Written by a freelance medical author, this book aims to provide a reassuring and sensitive resource of information for use during a time when a person with a cancer diagnosis has so much to think about. People often say their time with their cancer specialists is limited and full of complicated terminology; this book aims to supplement this information, written in an easy-to-understand way. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Managing the late effects of bowel cancer treatment'

Managing the late effects of bowel cancer treatment (April 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet has information for people who are still having side-effects six months or more after treatment for bowel cancer. It describes the possible side-effects, how they can be managed and who can help. The side-effects discussed include changes to bowel function, changes to bladder function, tiredness, concentration and memory problems, peripheral neuropathy, sexual difficulties, and feelings and relationships.

Cover image of 'Clothing'

Clothing (March 2017)

Colostomy UK

Details of companies that supply speciliast clothing for people with a stoma.

Cover image of 'Pancaking'

Pancaking (May 2017)

Colostomy UK

Details of companies that supply lubricating deodorants.

Cover image of 'Leakage'

Leakage (May 2017)

Colostomy UK

Details of products and suppliers that can help with problems of leakage for people with a stoma.

Cover image of 'Bag covers'

Bag covers (May 2017)

Colostomy UK

Details of companies that supply bag covers.

Cover image of 'Manufacturers'

Manufacturers (May 2017)

Colostomy UK

Details of companies that manufacture stoma products.

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