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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'Understanding cervical cancer'

Understanding cervical cancer (April 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet describes cancer of the cervix, how it develops, the symptoms, how it is diagnosed, further tests following diagnosis, and the treatment options. It also explores the emotional aspects. Includes details of the financial help and benefits available, and useful organisations

Cover image of 'Tiredness (fatigue) and cancer [Hungarian]'

Tiredness (fatigue) and cancer [Hungarian] (October 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This information is about fatigue, which can be caused by cancer or cancer treatments.

Cover image of 'Cancer treatment and sepsis'

Cancer treatment and sepsis (October 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support|The UK Sepsis Trust

Having cancer and some cancer treatments can increase your risk of developing an infection and sepsis. This leaflet explains what sepsis is, when you need to contact your hospital team and what you can do to protect yourself. 

Cover image of 'Understanding soft tissue sarcomas'

Understanding soft tissue sarcomas (October 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet has information about soft tissue sarcomas, including the different types, the symptoms, diagnosis, staging and grading, and treatment options. It also discusses feelings and how your relationships, work and finances might be affected.

Cover image of 'Follicular lymphoma [Polish]'

Follicular lymphoma [Polish] (January 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

Follicular lymphoma is a specific type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This factsheet describes the signs and symptoms, the stages, diagnosis, and treatment.

Cover image of 'Know your body. Spot cancer early. Cervical cancer'

Know your body. Spot cancer early. Cervical cancer (May 2018)

Cancer Research UK

This leaflet contains information about how cervical screening can detect early changes in the cervix before they develop into cancer. It also provides information about factors affecting the risk of cervical cancer.

Cover image of 'Understanding kidney cancer'

Understanding kidney cancer (August 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet is about a type of kidney cancer called renal cell cancer. It is for anyone who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, or is having tests for it. There is also information for carers, family members and friends. The booklet explains how renal cell cancer is diagnosed and treated. The booklet also talks about your feelings when you are diagnosed with cancer. You can find practical advice on dealing with work and finances towards the end of the booklet.

Cover image of 'Understanding non-Hodgkin lymphoma'

Understanding non-Hodgkin lymphoma (January 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet aims to provide a better understanding of non-Hodgkin lymphomas, their diagnosis and treatment. It also has sections on feelings and sources of practical and financial support. Includes details of useful organisations.

Cover image of 'Understanding acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) [Japanese]'

Understanding acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) [Japanese] (August 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

A translation of selected pages of the booklet, including what it is, symptoms, treatment, self-care, financial support and follow-up.

Cover image of 'Understanding early (localised) prostate cancer'

Understanding early (localised) prostate cancer (May 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet gives information about early cancer of the prostate gland, i.e. cancer that has not spread into the surrounding tissues or to other parts of the body. It describes the prostate gland and prostate cancer, the cause of prostate cancer, the symptoms, PSA testing and other diagnostic tests, the grading and staging of prostate cancer, and the treatment options. It also has information about the feelings you might experience, and how your relationships, work and finances might be affected.

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