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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of '10 ways to protect yourself against cancer'

10 ways to protect yourself against cancer (2018)

World Cancer Research Fund

A comprehensive guide to the World Cancer Research Fund's Cancer Prevention Recommendations, packed with tips on simple changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will help reduce your risk of cancer. 

Cover image of 'Understanding cancer'

Understanding cancer (2018)

Booklife Publishing

Cancer is a group of diseases in which abnormal cells divide and spread. There are many different kinds of cancer, and different forms of treatment. Cancer is very scary, and can be very difficult to handle physically, emotionally, and mentally. Learning about how cancer affects the body and how it can be treated can help readers who know someone with cancer, or who have cancer themselves. This book can help readers understand complex medical terms and processes through straightforward text. Full-color photographs and fact boxes highlight important information. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Want to cut your cancer risk?'

Want to cut your cancer risk? (April 2017)

Cancer Research UK

Information about how lifestyle choices can reduce cancer risk: not smoking; keeping a healthy weight; drinking less alcohol; keeping active; a healthy diet; and safer sex.

Cover image of 'Ten top tips for a healthy weight'

Ten top tips for a healthy weight (July 2017)

Cancer Research UK

Tips, based on scientific evidence, to help people control their weight by taking in fewer calories and using more energy. 

Cover image of 'Let's eat and drink healthily'

Let's eat and drink healthily (April 2017)

Cancer Research UK

Information about the links between eating and drinking and cancer. Also covers some food myths and controversies, and recommendations for a healthy, balanced diet that can help reduce cancer risk.

Cover image of 'Oral mucositis (sore mouth)'

Oral mucositis (sore mouth) (June 2016)

Lymphoma Association

Many people experience problems with their mouth following chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This factsheet has tips on oral hygiene and diet.

Cover image of 'Detect and diagnose. Understanding bowel cancer'

Detect and diagnose. Understanding bowel cancer (January 2016)

Beating Bowel Cancer

This booklet explains what bowel cancer is and describes the risk factors and symptoms, how to reduce the risk (such as changes to the diet and regular exercise), screening, visiting the GP, and being referred for investigations. It also has useful addresses and case studies.

Cover image of 'Diet, physical activity and your risk of prostate cancer'

Diet, physical activity and your risk of prostate cancer (February 2016)

Prostate Cancer UK

This leaflet is for men who want to eat more healthily and possibly reduce their risk of prostate cancer. It describes a healthy diet and lists the foods that may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and those that may increase it.

Cover image of 'Stay healthy - eat a healthy diet'

Stay healthy - eat a healthy diet (2016)


An easy read booklet about how to reduce your risk of cancer. This booklet talks about what a healthy diet is and foods to avoid. 

Cover image of 'Six months to live? I don’t think so. Judi’s journals'

Six months to live? I don’t think so. Judi’s journals (2016)

Arthur H Stockwell

In July 2006 Judi Seall was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. Did she give in to this horrible disease? Not at all, and now, nine years later, she has decided to publish the journals she wrote whilst undergoing treatment and beyond. These journals are a full and frank description of how her life changed, due not only to the cancer, but also to the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment she received. They tell of her highs and lows, how friends and family rallied round, of new friends made and also, sadly, of friends lost. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, but they will also make you realise what people go through in their quest to conquer this disease. Judi has raised in the region of GBP9,500 for local Hospices and all royalties from the sales of this book will be donated to Macmillan. (Publisher)

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