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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'Understanding early (localised) prostate cancer'

Understanding early (localised) prostate cancer (May 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet gives information about early cancer of the prostate gland, i.e. cancer that has not spread into the surrounding tissues or to other parts of the body. It describes the prostate gland and prostate cancer, the cause of prostate cancer, the symptoms, PSA testing and other diagnostic tests, the grading and staging of prostate cancer, and the treatment options. It also has information about the feelings you might experience, and how your relationships, work and finances might be affected.

Cover image of 'Implantable ports [Punjabi]'

Implantable ports [Punjabi] (September 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

Implantable ports are often used to give chemotherapy treatment. This factsheet describes what an implantable port is, how it is put in, how it is used, how to care for it, and possible problems.

Cover image of 'Letrozole (Femara®) [Portuguese]'

Letrozole (Femara®) [Portuguese] (2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

Letrozole is a hormonal therapy used in the treatment of post-menopausal women with breast cancer. This factsheet describes how it works, how it is given, and the possible side-effects.

Cover image of 'Financial support - benefits [Chinese, Traditional]'

Financial support - benefits [Chinese, Traditional] (2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This factsheet is about claiming benefits. Includes the English-language version.. 

Cover image of 'The complete guide to breast cancer: how to feel empowered and take control'

The complete guide to breast cancer: how to feel empowered and take control (2018)


The book you can trust to support you at every stage of your treatment - and beyond. Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, an academic GP, and Dr Liz O’Riordan, a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon, are not only outstanding doctors, but they have also experienced breast cancer first-hand. The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer brings together all the knowledge they have gathered as patients and as doctors to give you and your family a trusted, thorough and up-to-date source of information. Designed to empower you during your breast cancer treatment, it covers: simple explanations of every breast cancer treatment; coping with the emotional burden of breast cancer; frank advice about sex and relationships; staying healthy during and after treatment; dealing with the fear of recurrence; living with secondary breast cancer. Packed full of all the things the authors wished they’d known when they were diagnosed, and tips on how to cope with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and beyond, this is the only book you need to read to guide you through your breast cancer diagnosis. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Our family and IT'

Our family and IT (2018)

Olop and Flossie Publishing

What does the mother say to her six-year-old when she asks the question that no mother ever wants to be asked? How does the fourteen-year-old cope with the illness while struggling with the typical angst of a teenager? This book is about an ordinary family who is faced with extra-ordinary changes and challenges when the mother is diagnosed with a potentially life-limiting illness. IT (the illness) becomes the uninvited guest in the family and as the story develops the frustrations, anxieties and impact all become very real. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Understanding secondary cancer in the liver'

Understanding secondary cancer in the liver (August 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet helps provide a better understanding of secondary cancer in the liver, describing the causes, how it is diagnosed, and treatment options. It also includes information on follow-up and clinical trials. Issues such as feelings and talking to children are discussed and sources of emotional and financial support are described. Includes details of useful organisations.

Cover image of 'Primary breast cancer resource pack'

Primary breast cancer resource pack (December 2018)

Breast Cancer Care

This pack is for women who have been told they have primary (early) breast cancer. It includes information about breast cancer, its diagnosis and treatments.

Cover image of 'Your guide for the cancer journey. Cancer and its treatment'

Your guide for the cancer journey. Cancer and its treatment (2018)

Sheldon Press

Advances in treatment mean that increasing numbers of people now survive cancer in the long term. This book examines the sophisticated medical choices available that help to boost life expectancy and how to maximize your chances of recovery. In this positive and comprehensive book, Mark Greener says, 'Your cancer journey is deeply personal, often difficult and at times frightening, but today's cutting-edge treatments can help you to live as full a life as possible, for as long as possible.' (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Managing the late effects of bowel cancer treatment'

Managing the late effects of bowel cancer treatment (April 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet has information for people who are still having side-effects six months or more after treatment for bowel cancer. It describes the possible side-effects, how they can be managed and who can help. The side-effects discussed include changes to bowel function, changes to bladder function, tiredness, concentration and memory problems, peripheral neuropathy, sexual difficulties, and feelings and relationships.

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