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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'A guide for the end of life [in press]'

A guide for the end of life [in press] (November 2019)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet explains what happens at the end of someone’s life and how to plan for it. It is for anyone nearing the end of life. There is also information for people caring for someone nearing the end of life.

Cover image of 'Pampering therapy'

Pampering therapy (April 2019)

Look Good...Feel Better

Cover image of 'Blood clot prevention. A guide for patients and carers'

Blood clot prevention. A guide for patients and carers (May 2019)

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

This booklet explains the risk of developing a blood clot while in hospital. It describes the signs of a blood clot, who is at risk, and how to reduce the risk of developing a blood clot. Please note: this booklet includes contact details and instructions specific to the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Cover image of 'Between living and dying. Reflections from the edge of experience'

Between living and dying. Reflections from the edge of experience (2019)

Birlinn Limited

In 2017 broadcaster Rev. Ruth Scott was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. As rounds of treatment and hospital stays came to dominate her life, she was forced to step back from her busy routine. She found this experience disconcerting at first but gradually came to realise that it gave her a remarkable opportunity to view life from a different perspective. This book was written during the time of her treatment, what she came to call ‘a gap year in the shadow of death’. More than a memoir of wards and tests, it offers a series of reflections that draw on Ruth’s broad experience and deep thinking. In her life and work she had an innate gift for connecting with people, for being there with them. The book captures this essence in its brave, resonant, and always compassionate exploration of being alive. Living with uncertainty, letting go of control, and allowing for doubt, she writes, can make room for mystery and bring about understanding beyond rational limitations. Drawing on a lifetime of reading and on poems and songs gifted by friends and fellow-patients, Ruth Scott outlines the things that really matter, poignantly and powerfully drawing the reader on her journey. Ruth died in February 2019, but, as Richard Holloway writes, she has left us ‘a map to guide us through our own lives’. 

Cover image of 'Your step by step guide to making a will [in press]'

Your step by step guide to making a will [in press] (November 2019)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This leaflet is a guide to making or updating your will. It is for anyone affected by cancer. It also explains how inheritance tax works, and who to contact for more information and support. 

Cover image of 'Understanding primary brain tumours [in press]'

Understanding primary brain tumours [in press] (September 2019)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet is about primary brain tumours. It is for anyone who has been diagnosed with a primary brain tumour. There is also information for carers, family members and friends. The booklet explains the signs and symptoms of a primary brain tumour, and how it is diagnosed and treated. It also has information about emotional, practical and financial issues. 

Cover image of 'Keeping healthy 'down below''

Keeping healthy 'down below' (2019)

Books Beyond Words

Having a smear test can be worrying. For women with learning disabilities there is the added fear of not understanding what is happening. This book will help to prepare and support women like Carol who are invited to have a smear test. It begins with a nurse telling Carol and her friends how to stay healthy ‘down below’. It goes on to explain what happens to Carol, from receiving the invitation for a smear test, making the preliminary visit to the GP practice and deciding whether she will have the smear or not, to having the smear and receiving the results. We then see her being recalled for a further test. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Let's stay safe in the sun'

Let's stay safe in the sun (June 2019)

Cancer Research UK

Information about how to enjoy being in the sun safely and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Cover image of 'Chemo companion. A friendly guide to chemotherapy and a collection of chemo stories'

Chemo companion. A friendly guide to chemotherapy and a collection of chemo stories (2019)

Rethink Street Publishing

This clear, concise book helps you to understand what chemotherapy may be doing to your body, your mind and your life. It gives you useful tips and information, practical advice and reassurance, and it reminds you that you are not alone. Part 1 is a brief GUIDE to the time before, during and after chemotherapy. It includes planning and preparation, common side effects, your thoughts and feelings, food and exercise, work and money issues, how you might feel after treatment, and where to find further help and support. Part 2 is a collection of STORIES based on true, real-life experiences of chemotherapy. Each one is candid and honest and shared in the spirit of kindness and friendship. Including an overly complicated salad, finding long lost relatives, flying paper aeroplanes, writing to new online pen-pals, and tips for friends who don't know what to say. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Faith over fear. My journey through bone marrow transplant'

Faith over fear. My journey through bone marrow transplant (2019)

Self-published using Xulon Press

Sherry's story reveals her testimony through a blood cancer diagnosis and into treatment with a bone marrow transplant. Sherry's faith was tested many times throughout a four year period and especially during the days of her transplant. Her attention to detail and documentation of daily events through the process will prove to be invaluable to so many that may be facing the same type of treatment. Sherry is a Christian, wife, mother, health coach and independent consultant for a health and wellness company. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and is retired from the Federal Government where she served as a Systems Accountant for over 30 years. She is active in her church and aspires to help others through her testimony. (Publisher) 

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