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The web Directory of Information Materials for People Affected by Cancer is regularly updated and currently has details of over 1,900 booklets, leaflets, books and audiovisual materials for people affected by cancer. Most have been published in the last five years but we have included some older ones that are still useful.

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Cover image of 'Ovarian cancer and stomas'

Ovarian cancer and stomas (June 2019)

Target Ovarian Cancer|Colostomy UK

Our expert mini guide is for you if you have a stoma or may get one after ovarian cancer surgery. Based on the latest evidence and full of insights from people who understand what you're going through, this guide explores what a stoma is and does and offers practical tips for overcoming common concerns. 

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Ovarian cancer, diet and nutrition (June 2019)

Target Ovarian Cancer

When you have ovarian cancer you might find that your appetite (the amount you want to eat) and the types of food you want to eat are different from before. You might also be wondering if there is anything you can change about your diet (including eating or not eating specific foods) that might impact on how your cancer acts or how effective your treatment is. This booklet aims to give you an overview of the evidence for diet and nutrition in relation to ovarian cancer so that you can make choices that are right for you. 

Cover image of 'How long have I got? The story of a ‘terminal’ cancer patient'

How long have I got? The story of a ‘terminal’ cancer patient (2019)

Independently published

Suitcases filled with medication. Life and death situations. Multiple organ removal. Risking everything to stay alive just one more day. And people still moan to you when they have a cold. Welcome to the life of a ‘terminal’ cancer patient. In January 2016 thirty-year-old Fi Munro was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. Told from day one that her cancer was incurable and ‘terminal’, Fi faced unimaginable pain, heartache and suffering as the life she’d dreamed of was suddenly pulled away from her. Yet in the wake of this news she did not wallow. Instead she discovered a remarkable inner strength, resilience and, above all, a very dark sense of humour. Years later and she is still here, having outlived, in her opinion, two ‘very unreasonable’ prognoses. How Long Have I Got? is her inspiring story. Honest, open and often tear-jerking this is everything you wanted to know - and some stuff you’ll want to forget - about living with cancer and an important reminder that we are all terminal. Reading this will change your life forever. Fi Munro is a multi-award-winning researcher, author, blogger, speaker and mentor recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on her journey and the importance of holistic health. She has been featured in two BBC documentaries, in TV and radio shows, and in newspaper and magazine articles across the globe. Today she is healthier and happier than ever before and believes cancer saved her life. She is currently training to be a shaman and is excited for what the future holds. (Publisher)

Cover image of 'Beyond'

Beyond (2019)

Burning Chair

What happens when we die? Is this really all there is? What exists beyond this life?Alex Duncan is just an ordinary 14 year old boy. His main worries are homework, girls, the school bully......and his sister, Jenna who has ovarian cancer, stage B. As his parents retreat into themselves, Alex is desperate to find a way to help, a way to make things better for his sister. After all, it’s the not knowing that’s the worst thing.Whilst he tries to untangle the ultimate question, life still goes on: his best friend seems oblivious to his feelings about her, the school bully has taken a special interest in him, and everything he does just makes him feel more and more awkward and out of place.Georgia Springate’s debut novel, Beyond, is a funny and touchingly compelling coming-of-age story about love, loss and discovery. Read it and take an emotional journey through one boy’s quest to understand that most tricky of questions: what lies beyond? (Publishers)

Cover image of 'The symptoms of ovarian cancer'

The symptoms of ovarian cancer (March 2018)

Target Ovarian Cancer

This video describes the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Cover image of 'Ovarian cancer, sex and intimacy'

Ovarian cancer, sex and intimacy (June 2018)

Target Ovarian Cancer

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer and the resulting treatment can cause emotional and physical diculties which can impact on your sexuality, sex life and relationships. This booklet discusses what physical and emotional issues you may face and how you can seek help and support.

Cover image of 'Ovarian cancer and your finances'

Ovarian cancer and your finances (June 2018)

Target Ovarian Cancer

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer can have a big and unexpected impact on your finances. Your costs may go up or your income may fall for lots of different reasons. This booklet aims to give an overview of the possible  financial impact of an ovarian cancer diagnosis. It discusses financial considerations and how you can seek support and guidance. 

Cover image of 'Ovarian cancer and complementary therapies'

Ovarian cancer and complementary therapies (June 2018)

Target Ovarian Cancer

This booklet aims to provide information and signposting about the use of complementary therapies for women who have received an ovarian cancer diagnosis. It discusses what complementary therapies are and where you can find more information and support if you are thinking about using them alongside your other treatment.

Cover image of 'Are you worried about ovarian cancer?'

Are you worried about ovarian cancer? (September 2018)

Macmillan Cancer Support

This booklet explains that it is not common for cancer to run in families, what is known about the main causes of ovarian cancer and how to reduce the risk.

Cover image of 'Ovarian suppression and breast cancer'

Ovarian suppression and breast cancer (November 2018)

Breast Cancer Care

This factsheet is written for women who have been offered ovarian ablation as a treatment for breast cancer. It explains what ovarian ablation is, how it is achieved (surgery, radiotherapy, or hormone manipulation), when it is used, and the possible side-effects. Includes a list of useful organisations.

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